We bet you’re as frustrated by the scoop problem as we were.

Are you like us? You use some type of powdered food product or supplement every day. Maybe several times a day. How many of these are in your pantry?

  • Pre-workout drink
  • Protein supplement
  • Post-workout recovery drink
  • Electrolyte replacement drink
  • Meal replacement shake
  • Ground coffee
  • Infant formula
  • Shake boosters (fiber; immunity; etc.)

The Scoop Problem

Depending on your goals, routines, and needs, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think you could be opening a powder container 10 or more times a day.

And for almost every one of those products, it’s the same story…digging your hand in and fishing around to find that dang scoop.

We call that “The Scoop Problem” for three reasons:

  • Inconvenience — You open a powder container and if you’re lucky, the scoop is right there on top of the powder. More likely, the powder has shifted from the last time you put the container away or pulled it out of the cabinet. And if your container has been in the car or your gym bag, you *know* that scoop is going to be buried in the powder.
  • Mess — Even if you luck out and your scoop isn’t buried, as long as the scoop is lying in the powder, the powder is going to get on your fingers.
  • Contamination — This is the one that really gives us the shivers. Do you wash your hands carefully before you open your powder container? Be honest, now! So few of us do — we’re busy, and we consider our hands are “clean enough.” (Spoiler alert…they’re *so* not.) If you carry the thought to its logical conclusion, you’ll realize that anything that’s on your hands is contaminating your powder every time you dig for that scoop.

The ScoopSolution(TM) Solves the Scoop Problem

The Scoop Problem REALLY bothered us. How much? Enough to invent The ScoopSolution(TM), a patented adhesive scoop holder. It mounts in the underside of the lid of your powdered food or supplement container. It holds your scoop up out of the powder, keeping it clean and accessible.

Install The ScoopSolution(TM) in your powder container and you’ll agree it’s a game-changer!